Keep Your Goats Healthy!

Essential Goat Books for every need!

Are you just starting with goats, want to learn more, or have you hit a difficult patch with your goat care?

Karmadillo Press has you covered with our goat books:

  • Raising Goats for Dummies¬†(Wiley, 2010) broadly covers most aspects, ranging from buying, showing, feeding, working with, and general care.
  • Goat Health Care, 2nd¬†edition (2019), provides the information you need to keep your goats healthy and to deal with problems when they do arise.
  • Goat Midwifery: A Guide to Successful Kidding¬†(2020) is a step-by-step guide to ensuring a healthy pregnancy for your goat, and walking you through solutions to problems that may come up.
  • Holistic Goat Care (Chelsea Green, 2017), by Gianaclis Caldwell, is a “comprehensive guide to raising healthy animals, preventing common ailments, and troubleshooting problems” in a holistic manner.

Whatever your level of expertise, you will find each of these books helpful to have in your library as you continue on your wonderful and challenging goatkeeping journey!

Cheryl K. Smith is an editor and writer who has been raising miniature dairy goats since 1998. She is the author of Raising Goats for Dummies and The Best of Ruminations Goat Milk and Cheese Recipes, published Ruminations, the Nigerian Dwarf and MIni Dairy Goat Magazine for seven years, speaks on goat health care issues, and has written for a variety of magazines.
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