Keep Your Goats Healthy!

Whether you are just starting out with goats or have had a herd for years, you will find this popular and practical guide essential!. In addition to information by the author, the book includes contributions from other well-known goat experts.

This updated, 2nd edition of Goat Health Care will help you work more effectively with a veterinarian and tell you about:
  • How to understand your goat and use your knowledge to identify potential problems
  • Routine goat care tips and how-to?s, including feeding, hoof trimming, disbudding, giving injections, and more
  • Breeding, pregnancy, kidding, and kid care
  • Common and not-so-common goat health issues
  • Veterinary medications and dosages used for goats
  • Home remedies
  • Natural and herbal care
  • Geriatric goat care
  • Dealing with end-of-life issues
  • Other resources to help you keep your goats healthy

Goat Health Care, 2nd Edition, 262 pages. ISBN 978-1-7335274-0-8

Cheryl K. Smith is an editor and writer who has been raising miniature dairy goats since 1998. She is the author of Raising Goats for Dummies and The Best of Ruminations Goat Milk and Cheese Recipes, published Ruminations, the Nigerian Dwarf and MIni Dairy Goat Magazine for seven years, speaks on goat health care issues, and has written for a variety of magazines.
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