Goat Midwifery: A Guide to Successful Kidding


Whether you are just starting to breed your goats or have been doing it for several years, you will find this practical book essential. It contains everything you need to know about kidding – from pregnancy through postpartum. In a handy spiral-bound form, it can be referred to easily during kidding.

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Goat Midwifery: A Guide to Successful Kidding  is a comprehensive book dedicated to care of the pregnant, laboring, and postpartum goat. The book will give goat owners the benefit of knowledge that, until now, could only be learned from years of hands-on experience working with goats, or gleaned from information in various books, websites, and articles.
This handy, first-line resource will help goatkeepers prevent problems and provide the tools necessary for identifying and dealing with problems when they do arise. Liberally illustrated with photos and drawings, the book will take the reader from pre-breeding considerations through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The book includes stories and case studies, as well as how-to’s, tips, and tricks acquired by the author through more than 20 years’ experience researching and hands-on experience raising goats.
Goat Midwifery, 80 pages, ISBN 978-1-7335274-3-9
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