Shed Boy: A Hidden Creek Farm Mystery


Available June 1, 2023. Pre-order now

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Pearl Kelly, retired from nursing and living on an idyllic farm in the Oregon Coast Range, is fulfilling her dream of raising miniature dairy goats, despite a lack of family support. Everything is going well until her Pomeranian, Buckley, finds the body of her shed boy, Pat, while hiking with the goats.

The sheriff insists it was an accident but Pearl senses it was foul play. She sets out to learn who wanted Pat dead. What really happened on his last day and who had a motive to kill him? Was it jealousy? Money? Or something else?

With her helper gone, Pearl  has to figure out how to keep the farm running. While learning that she’s not as independent as she had believed, she manages to get her goats to a show and even win some ribbons, while solving the mystery.

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